We have a tentative agreement for the 2017-2018 year. We have agreed to a 1.5% raise retroactive to the beginning of this year, with an additional .5% added July 1st (the new fiscal year) so that your salary will be 2% higher as you begin school in August 2018, than it was in August of 2017. (This does not preclude negotiations for next school year.) We also agreed to a reopener on salary, if there is a positive variance greater than 2% in the budget. PLEASE SEE THE EMAIL SENT TO EACH SITE TO GET MORE DETAILS.


Negotiations continued today, 1/18/18. We continued to discuss the Athletic Director Stipend issue for Middle and High Schools and the Administration's request for additional training time for  elementary teachers. We also discussed salary and have made progress since the negotiations of  December; there is now a discussion of money on the salary schedule, rather than a one time bonus  that was offered prior to the revision in the SCCS Budget. We meet again on 1/31/18, and I will update you again after that meeting. Many of you have asked about the calendar: the calendar is part of the negotiations package. We do hope to come to an agreement soon, and at that time, the calendar dates would go out.



We returned to the bargaining table today for the first time since early November. We were disappointed that SCCS District Administration offered us a one time bonus, not on the salary schedule, (with a possible re-opener). The cost of living in Santa Cruz continues to rise, meaning our current salaries lose value compared to cost increases in housing, benefits and other life necessities.  That said, this is early in the negotiations process; we have asked the Administrative Team to go back to look at the budget again, and we are hopeful that when we meet January 18th, 2018, we can move forward together.