Local 2030 - CFT/AFT/AFL-CIO

We are the Greater Santa Cruz Federation of Teachers, Local 2030, CFT, AFT, AFL-CIO. We proudly represent the Teachers, Counselors, Social Workers, Speech and Language Pathologists, Nurses, and Psychologists of Santa Cruz City Schools. Public Education is the cornerstone of our American democracy. We are committed to educating the children of our community. 

Educators Advocate for Students. Our Union Advocates for Educators!

The Greater Santa Cruz Federation of Teachers represents our members in employment issues, we advocate for public education, and we are involved in our community. 

How We Work:

Each of our school sites votes on one or more site representatives. Site representatives meet monthly. The Site Representatives' Council is the highest decision making body for our union. We have six elected officers: Two Co-Presidents, an Elementary Vice President, Secondary Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. We are a local affiliate of the California Federation of Teachers and American Federation of Teachers.

Get Involved: 

Please talk to your site representative and/or contact us to get more involved. Email: